We were blessed to have 23 women make their Walk to Emmaus on WV 126.

Congratulations ladies, and welcome to the Emmaus Community!

I‘d like to thank Kristin Weschler for serving as the WLD and for those who served on the team!

Thanks to all who prayed and supported the pilgrims and team throughout the entire teaming process and the weekend! You were the hands and feet of Jesus Christ!

Our June gathering will be held at Bethel United Methodist Church in Bakerton, WV on Saturday June 13, 2015 from 6-8:30 p.m.

There will be a 4th Day Work Shop at 5 p.m. just prior to the gathering. Remember, in order to sponsor a pilgrim or serve on a team you need to complete this one 1 hour training and information session.

The Chrysalis weekend planned for June has been postponed until November. There will be more information coming but if you have a heart for serving our teens and young people (the future of the church) please let us know as we need adult and youth leaders!!!! No experience necessary!

The new Emmaus website is HERE!

Isn’t it great?

Thanks to Lars DaSalvio, Keith and Cindy Rauch, and Roger McArthur for devoting their time and talents in making this new website happen.