Greetings from Chrysalis,

We are in the process of forming the first two teams for the Chrysalis weekend taking place June 11 thru June 14. We need both men and women for our teams. We will be teaming in Charlestown West Virginia at the following times: (Friday, May 8 from 6PM until 9PM), (Saturday, May 9 from 9AM until 4PM), (Friday May 22 from 6PM until 9PM), and (Saturday, May 23 from 9AM until 4PM). We are coming very close on time and if you are interested please be timely in contacting us. Your prayerful consideration is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in the boys weekend please contact Rusty Mathsen at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you are interested in the girls weekend please contact Brenda Hall at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We know that this ministry is a wonderful way for us to give the youth the opportunity to take time to focus on Christ. Please help us by serving. Thank You!


WV #125 Team List
23-26 April 2015

Pilgrims and Team Members of WV #125

Chris Boyce


Jarod Brown


Leon Collins


Duane Cookson


John Corvin


Noah Drummond


Aaron Hambrick


Joseph Hannan


Tony Pirrone


Rusty Pugh


Lance Schlosser


Gene Thomas


Tim Willard


Pat Abell

Visiting Spiritual Director
Talk: Prevenient Grace

Ron Barnett

Assistant Lay Director
Talk: Discipleship

Walter Bowers

Weekend Spiritual Director
Talk: Means of Grace and Sanctifying Grace

Jeff Clingan

Assistant Lay Director
Talk: Priorities

Bart Cookus

Assistant Table Leader
Talk: Body of Christ

CJ Cordell

Table Leader
Talk: Life of Piety

Tim Duhan

Assistant Table Leader

Larry Eubanks

Weekend Music Director

Tom Hanscom

Weekend Lay Director
Talk: Perseverance

Carl Kaempfer

Agape Team Member
Talk: Priesthood of All Believers

Larry Lehman

Agape Team Member

Doug Malatt

Assistant Lay Director
Talk: Fourth Day

Jason Moody

Assistant Table Leader

Wayne Omps

Weekend Board Representative

Bill Orndoff

Agape Team Member
Talk: Christian Action

Chip O'Roke

Table Leader

Terry Orrence

Assistant Spiritual Director
Talk: Justifying and Obstacles to Grace

Tim Quigley

Assistant Music Director

Keith Rauch

Weekend Agape Coordinator

George Seffers

Table Leader

Tom Swift

Agape Team Member

Bruce Taggart

Agape Team Member
Talk: Changing Our World

Eric Thornton

Agape Team Member
Talk: Growth Through Study

Dan Turner

Agape Team Member


The core of the walk is a series of fifteen short talks that are given by lay and clery on various topics related to God's grace, Christian discipleship, and the true meaning of being part of the "body of Christ".


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An Introduction to Walk to Emmaus, The Upper Room from Beth Richardson on Vimeo.

WV#125 - Men's Weekend 23.4.2015 19:00 4 Days
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